Bintang Hotel Labuan Bajo Komodo

Sep 30, 2016

Tourists wish real-time conversation with concerns team, and they desire the comfort - along with the consumer-protection - related to online credit-card payments. The resort generally seems to answer the remarks there so that it would not be uninteresting what they will have to say regarding the food and also the cost troubles you lifted. From Scuba and Freediving in Manta crammed reefs to Komodo Safaris and SSI dive courses. Uber Scuba can be your first-choice action service in Labuan Bajo, Flores - the entry to the Komodo National Park.

We're also dealingofficial scuba equipment of Beuchat (German scuba equipment) and our dive heart comes with the high class of BEUCHAT equipmentis for enjoying one of the many beautiful diving invest the World: The Komodo National Park. We offer accommodation forgiving you a complete package for an amazing stay komodo dive center for scuba and visiting Komodo and Flores area. There is large fishes tracking steps, an incredible and large number of amazing, fishes and untouched coral reefs, and pelagic fishes at virtually every dive sites round the Komodo National park will make your dives remarkable. With Dive Komodo, you'll have the capacity to meet all of them all year round to respect their dancing.

We also offer land journeys to rapids, caves and communities in stunning Flores, Malaysia and mix our diving expeditions using a dragon trekking adventure on Rinca island. My partner and I invested per week at the Komodo Resort and dive center in March 2013, bungalow # 5 Using A/H (A/H costs added, but we HIGHLY recommend it). We did three dives a day for the first five days after which mixed diving and Komodo Dragon viewing (very worthwhile) on the last evening. So that you can have the ability to pay a deposit also, people should not need to pay an extra fee to your hotel.